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David Cakes Story
David ‘Cakes’ MacCarfrae showcases his creativity as a cake decorator, presenter, musician and movie maker
as he tells his story of how a childhood fantasy became a reality beyond his wildest dreams

The creative world of
David MacCarfrae

Introducing David MacCarfrae
David Cakes early years
Christmas Day 1968 at the age of 4 David’s Mum and Dad gave him a mini battery operated piano keyboard.. “I remember that little keyboard!” recalls David, who according to his Mum, he started to play the song ‘Doe-a-deer’ from ‘The Sound of Music’ within hours of switching it on. My Mum still smiles when she we talk about the first time I played a song within a few hours of switching the keyboard on I was playing that melody. My love for creating music had begun!”
That same Christmas David’s Nan and Grandad gave him a plastic toy cash register as he played imaginary ‘shop’ with all the contents of his Mum’s cupboards! “I remember stock piling items from the kitchen in my bedroom collecting cans and boxes of whatever I could find!”.
So David’s journey had begun, to compose music and to have his own business.
Having a Mum who loved home baking began to shape David’s future….
1971, David was 7 and every Saturday his Mum baked for the week ahead. Saturday afternoons David’s Dad and brother went to the football match while he watched and helped his Mum during her Saturday bake off. “In those days Mum made everything for the week ahead – chocolate cakes, swiss rolls, apple pies, eccles cakes and my favourite lemon meringue pie!”.
Helping his Mum each Saturday was not enough for David, so in 1979 when schools gave pupils the option to choose which subjects they wanted to learn, David wanted to attend cookery classes. But in 1979 cookery wasn’t considered as a topic for boys to learn in school. So undeterred David’s Mum went to see the headmaster and persuaded him to allow David to attend the weekly cookery classes.
I took quite a bit of heckling from other pupils, but through it all I knew what I wanted to do and I was very determined to achieve my goal – an ‘O’ level grade in my final examinations” (An ‘O’ level is known today as a GCSE). David’s love of Art made him choose to study Art ‘O’ level during the same time as attending cookery classes. “All I wanted was to do was create!”
Results day arrived in the summer of 1979. David achieved his goal and left school with 2 ‘O’ levels – with top grade accolades – ‘O’ level Art – Grade A and ‘O’ level cookery – Grade ‘A’
On leaving school David applied to Colquitt Technical and Nautical College in Liverpool where he was accepted to study Baking and Food Technology, Cake Decorating and Food Science during a 2 year period.

David felt attending college would be a great way to combine his love for art, cooking and baking while learning the art of free hand cake decorating.

David Cakes College days1980 David starts a new journey…“Going to college was a whole new world for me. I made some great friends. We all worked hard and we partied, as you do! It was a very special time in my life – I was living the dream!” David recalls “Whenever we had a baking day at college, we were given the opportunity to buy what we had created and take it home – Cakes and bread galore!! – My brother and Dad always looked forward to my return home from college, especially on those particular days!”
1982 David’s hard work paid off when he collected 4 accredited City and Guilds certificates receiving 2 ‘Distinction’ awards for cake decorating. He was also named student of the year and was also awarded the prestigious Renshaw Challenge Cup along with a scholarship which included an all expenses trip to study with Master Confectioners at the prestigious Richemont School in Lucerne, Switzerland.
After attending the courses, David spent a week at a Swiss Bakery experiencing his first taste of bakery life and then travelled around Lucerne exploring the many bakeries and confectionery stores that inspired his imagination and vision to return to England and open his own cake decorating business….
but he still had a long journey ahead of him…
David Cakes early awards
In the spring of 1982 David started an apprenticeship at Waterfields Bakery in Leigh and then in the autumn of the same year he was offered a cake decorating postition at Simmons Bakery in Hatfield near London.
“This was a very important time in my life as I was fortunate to experience the real bakery world. My college days had given me the tools of my trade so to speak, but working in industry was like boot camp. It was hard, hard work, not glamorous as I had imagined. I brushed and mopped floors, washed dishes, filled donuts with jam for 8 hours, worked long laborious night shifts loading dough into a hopper, having to be quicker and quicker with everything I was asked to do was a massive challenge. At times I must admit, I felt like giving up, but I carried on and was determined to learn as much as possible. I also had the opportunity to embrace what I loved most of all ..decorating – from fresh cream cakes, to buttercream gateaux, piping up everything in sight !” smiles David.
“Looking back I am so grateful to both Waterfields and Simmons for the opportunity they gave me as the training experience I received was extremely invaluable and had a massive impact on my evolution as a cake decorator both creatively and emotionally. The training and discipline I had experienced had groomed me and I was now ready to make my move – It was time to head back to Liverpool to start my own business!….”
David Cakes at his family home
In the autumn of 1983 David’s Mum Hilda encouraged him to apply to the government sponsored ‘Enterprise allowance scheme’ which offered £40 a week to aspiring entrepreneurs. David’s Mum and Dad backed up that with £2000 bank loan and David Cakes was launched from a converted back bedroom at his family home.i
Within less than 12 months David Cakes shop was “Opening shortly!” in Crosby, Liverpool, Merseyside, England. Preparations for the new shop were underway. It was a real family affair – David’s Mum, Dad and family all gathered together to help build the display areas, paint and decorate, sew all the Satin for the display areas that would permanently showcase over 40 wedding cakes designs that David had created.
“It was a wonderful time, we were all so excited and we hoped that our venture would be a success”.
July 1984 and David Cakes retail cake shop opens to the public. Nothing could prepare David his family for what was going to happen next…David Cakes1984
David Cakes Early Newspaper postings1984
DYNASTY’ in the 1980’s made a massive impact on David. Celebrating his love for Joan Collins character Alexis, David first hand painted her onto a Royal Iced cake, then attempted his first ever 3D sculpture… an larger than life Alexis Cake which started it’s tabloid journey featured in the Liverpool ECHO newspaper.
David recalls “ I loved and still do love watching ‘DYNASTY – During the last few years the entire series has been released onto DVD and of course I have to go and buy it!. Alexis was so glamorous, her character so over the top in business. It makes me smile and laugh so much when I watch the show…Creating the 3D sculpture was a way to challenge my creativity in order to evolve as an artist. I never thought the press would pick up on it. I was simply in my own little world loving every moment” says David.
In 1986 David was requested to showcase his 3D Alexis cake in a publication. Joan Collins was informed of the creation and was reported to have been delighted David that had created her Alexis character in cake and sugar. Miss Collins gave her blessing for the sculpture to be published.Throughout David Cakes retail journey David has embraced the trends and fashions of the time always diversifying and creating something new and different.
“When I feel a calling to create something I simply let it flow. I have always done my own thing as it makes me so happy. Being free to express myself has been very well received. I feel very blessed and most honoured that people like what I do!” smiles David.
David Cakes Collection 0David-Cakes-Collection 2bDavid Cakes Collection 1
In 1986 David had the honour of creating a Royal Engagement Cake and a Royal Wedding Cake for the marriage of
HRH Prince Andrew to Miss Sarah Ferguson.
Royal Wedding Cakes
In 1999 David had the honour of creating a Royal Wedding Cake for the marriage of
HRH Prince Edward to Miss Sophie Reece Jones.
David and the Royal Wedding Cake he created was featured in HELLO Magazine Royal Wedding Souvenir Issue celebrating the marriage of HRH Prince Edward to Miss Sophie Reece-Jones.
David Cakes training awards
1987 David and his business partner and Mum Hilda are featured each week on National television during Granada TV ‘Flying Start’
The series concluded with David Cakes being announced the winner of the TV competition series receiving first place accolade and being presented with the Business Enterprise Challenge award. One week later David and Hilda are featured in The Sunday Times Newspaper – Small Business Story
1998 – Granada TV Flying Start television series one hour TV special presents David and Hilda with the Business Enterprise Challenge
1989 David Cakes is awarded the highly prestigious ‘National Training Award‘ and receives a letter of recognition
from The Prime Minister Baroness Margaret Thatcher
David Cakes newspaper stories training awards
Creating BIG Wedding Cakes became a signature trademark of David Cakes retail business with many celebrity clients commissioning David to design
and create them a unique bespoke free hand decorated cake graced with Royal elegance and grandeur.
David Cakes BIG Wedding Cakes

Royal Wedding Cakes
David has the honour of making
2 Royal Wedding creations…

Mega Cakes!
David presents his guide to creating
BIG Wedding Cakes…
During his 35 year retail business journey David has had the honour of creating wedding cakes for Royalty and countless celebrities including the wedding cake for footballer Steven Gerrard to Alex Curran, footballer Michael Owen, snooker player John Parrot and many soap stars for TV including Coronation Street. David has been featured in countless publications around the world including
HELLO!’ , ‘OK’ plus international newspapers and cake decorating magazines.

David shares embraces cake decorating and
Spanish cultural history during a visit to Spain…

The 1 minute Carnation!
David shows quick and easy ways
to make sugar flowers with Kelmy fondant


David Cakes story of Cake Walk Wedding Cake Edition
EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED! One of the most unexpected moments of David’s career…
“I was working late one Saturday evening and the telephone rang……. It was a casting agency in New York USA inviting me to be a judge on an International cake decorating reality TV Series. To be honest, I did think the call was a wind up, but it was genuine – “WOW!! what an honour! YES!! of course” I replied !…
And so, I was invited by the series creators ‘Bucks Productions‘ to Toronto in Canada to join in the filming of a pilot episode of
CAKE WALK: Wedding Cake Edition
3 months, 12 flights across the Atlantic Ocean and 13 episodes later, filming of the series was complete.”

CAKE WALK: Wedding Cake Edition
TV Series Intro

CAKE WALK: Wedding Cake Edition
Premieres first time in Asia
The cake decorating reality TV series premiered on major Canadian television network ‘Slice’ and became a huge success.
CAKE WALK: Wedding Cake Edition has been broadcast on many major TV networks around the world – from USA to Hong Kong, from Brazil to New Zealand.
David reveals “Many times I have been asked ‘Why are you so serious on the show?’.
When I am in the judging ‘zone’ just like when I teach I am very focused. I do not believe I am a ‘big bad judge’. I was invited to be there, to question, to listen, to observe and be completely honest. For all the judges, it was all about the cake and whether we believed it was the most suitable for the couple. Not just in design, but how it was executed, time managed, tasted and so on. The competitors were all wonderful and so talented. It is such a BIG job to do what they did in just 7 hours, but through hard work and determination they all completed their designs.”
“Working along side comedienne and hostess Caroline Rhea, my fellow judges Alexandria Pellegrino and Gordon Bailey, not forgetting the wonderful and talented competitors, romantic couples and the fantastic crew at Buck Productions was an amazing experience I will treasure forever. That Saturday evening’s phone call from USA was one of the most unexpected moments of my career!”
CAKE WALK: Wedding Cake Edition episode highlights at the bottom of this page.


David Cakes Motorbike Cake challenge01

Discover Cakes from Ancient History
Creating Cakes surrounded by History and Legends
David goes in search of Inspiration…

Motorbike Cake Challenge
A Motorbike Cake for Brandon’s 50th Birthday!
David takes on the Challenge…
Cakes of ancient history


Charity fund raising 0000
From back garden jumble sales to creating cakes with Celebrity clients support,
helping to raise money for charity is something very close to David’s heart…
During the 1970s David started having an annual Jumble sale in his back garden at home. “It was a great time in my life. I remember school summer holidays seemed to last forever and in 1971 my first Jumble Sale in the our family back garden took place. I guess part of me was playing ‘shop’ while the other side of me genuinely wanted to help others less fortunate. The first year made £50 which I donated to a Spina Bifida Charity Shine. After the first Jumble Sale, the following summer my class mates from school joined in. We made £200 that year which was donated to Age UK Charity. It was really satisfying knowing that we had helped others.
Once David Cakes retail shop opened David continued his charity fundraising, every year donating cakes and gift vouchers to charities.
In 2002 David’s world came crashing down when his Dad, Roy was diagnosed with terminal melanoma skin cancer. Amongst others, David Cakes has always supported UK cancer charity We are MacMillan Cancer Support.
During his Dad’s illness he was made aware of the how charities help others.”If I am honest, seeing the MacMillan Nurses helping my Mum and Dad with support, care and unconditional love made me truly realise how important it is that we support as many charities as we can” says David.
“I loved my Dad so much and there is not a day goes by that I do not think about him. He supported everything I dreamed of, I was a very lucky boy to have such a wonderful father. Dad’s passing made me realise how important life is, to cherish and love every minute. That is how he lived his life and I know he wanted me to keep living the dream, even though at that time I wanted to give everything up”
“My beautiful Mum who I adore, retired from David Cakes at that time. The running of David Cakes was handed over to me. After having a support system in place for so long, I di feel a little scared but I had such a reason to continue on my journey to make my Mum so proud that her son became strong and determined once more”
2005 David had had the honour of being commissioned to make the wedding cakes for both Liverpool FC and England International Footballers, for the marriage of Jamie Carragher to childhood sweetheart Nicola Hart and the marriage of Steven Gerrard and his marriage to Alex Curran – English model and fashion columnist for the Daily Mirror Newspaper.
2008 when it was announced that Liverpool was going to be the European Capital of Culture, David had an idea to create a cake that would celebrate the culture of his hometown and help raise money for charity at the same time…..David contacted Alex and asked if she would talk Steven about his idea..
David proposed to create in cake 4 larger than life scupltured footballers – From Liverpool FC – Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carragher
and from Everton F.C -Mikel Arteta and Andy Johnson, then auction the cake with all proceeds going to charity.
David spent 2 weeks creating the cake which was hand carved, fondant covered, airbrushed and hand painted with Royal Icing
Not only did Steven support David’s idea the but also Liverpool and Everton Football Club and the players. Along with the support of Radio City 96.7 in Merseyside and Granada TV news the 6ft X 3ft cake along with David and the footballers were featured on National TV news and newspapers with the spotlight being shone on UK Children’s Charity Give a Child a Chance which received substantial funds after a private buyer bid for the cake.
” I would like to sincerely thank Alex and Steven along with Jamie and fellow footballers for their unconditional support in helping raise much need funds for
Give a Child a Chance
David Cakes Give a child a chance Steven Gerrard Jamie CarragherCharity fund raising 02Charity fund raising 03
2009 It was announced in the press that former lead singer of 1990’s pop group ‘M People’ Heather Small would be performing a Christmas Charity Concert at Chester Cathderal in England.
David contacted Heather and shared with her his vision to create a larger than life sculpture of the pop star which he would like to present to her for a signed autograph, then auction the cake for UK cancer charity We are MacMillan Cancer Support. Heather was delighted to join in the fund raising mission.
David spent 2 weeks creating the huge cake which was fondant covered, airbrushed and hand painted with Royal Icing. Standing over 6ft tall the cake was unveiled to Heather during the concert. After the event the cake creation went on display in David Cakes retail shop ready for auction. In the meantime it was privately bid for by a client. All the proceeds were donated to We are MacMillan Cancer Support
David recalls “It was wonderful to meet Heather and I sincerely thank her for her support during this charity fund raising project”
Charity fund raising Heather Small


In September 2012 David Cakes was invited by cake decorating corporation Complete Deelite to fly to Hong Kong as their International guest to join in
HRH Queen Elizabeth II Royal Diamond Jubilee Celebrations. The corporate event took place at the prestigious Aberdeen Marina Club in Central Hong Kong.
Royal Diamond Jubilee Tea Party celebrations
With an audience of invited International corporations, press and media, David presented the Royal Icing journey, celebrating it’s cultural heritage while talking about his experiences creating two British Royal Wedding Cakes and meeting members of the British Royal Family.

The presentation concluded with a demonstration of his free hand Royal Icing cake decorating art and a live performance his original music on a grand piano to an audience of International VIP guests, news and media.

In the December of 2012, Complete Deelite invited David as their International guest to attend the Hong Kong International Bakery Expo
at The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Since 2012 Complete Deelite has invited David to return to Hong Kong as their International guest to attend many corporate conventions including Sweet Arts Show ‘Creative Lifestyles’
which showcased at the Aberdeen Marina Club.


‘Creative Lifestyles’ showcases
in Hong Kong

LITV Life Inspired TV Channel – Asia
interviews David in Hong Kong

Through Complete Deelite Director – Mrs Agnes Chin, David became aware of Feeding Hong Kong a charity organisation that is the only food bank in
Hong Kong dedicated to redistributing surplus food to people in need.
By providing a bridge between the food industry and the hungry of Hong Kong, the charity provides a solution that simultaneously cuts food waste and feeds those most in need.
David along with Complete Deelite wanted to do something special to help raise much needed funds for the Hong Kong based charity. So with Complete Deelite’s support he created a larger than life ‘Santa in the chimney’ Christmas Cake which was exhibited at the bakery expo. After the event the sculpture went to auction and where the The Aberdeen Club bought the Christmas creation and displayed it in the foyer of their exclusive club.
David comments “Being invited to Hong Kong was a great honour and being able to give back something to help others makes me feel very happy indeed.”
David Cakes Complete Deelite Feeding hong Kong Charity
David Cakes Christmas Cakes (1)David Cakes Christmas Cakes Santas

The Royal Icing Experience
The Royal Icing Experience showcases
David teaching 20 students,
as they challenge themselves
to create free hand
with Royal icing for the very first time…

Last minute Christmas Cake!
Santa’s on his way!
David gets ready for Christmas Day!…

David Cakes hollywood and food cakes

Don’t Drop The Cake!
David sets up a mega cake challenge
for himself!…

A slice of Pizza… Cake!
David’s already creating one just for you!…

Horror and alien cakes

Journey into the oven of darkness!
In the tradition of those really cheesy Classic B-movies…

David and friends dare to go horror cake decorating…

Panic in Crosby!
Alien cakes from another planet?

David says they’re already here!!…
David Cakes Music
David’s showcases his own original music compositions on all his YouTube videos
“I cannot read music. My Mum says I am just like my Grandfather (pictured above left) I simply take my hands to a piano and start playing. I do not know or understand how it happens. All I know is creating music this way gives me an very special feeling or joy and total elation, floating in my own little world of dreams and fantasy. Hopefully when people listen to my music on David Cakes video presentations they enjoy it. It allows me to express myself along with many different emotions and loose myself into a dream world. I guess my music expresses the story of my life with so many adventures I have been blessed to experience.”
“One of my most exciting moments was when I walked into the Grand Lounge at The Aberdeen Club in Hong Kong ready to talk about my Royal Wedding journey. I looked at Mrs Chin, she looked at me and smiled and exclaimed ‘There you go David !, your Grand Piano awaits, now you can serenade everyone!’.. so of course, I did!”
smiles David.

David plays the piano
David performs a selection of original music compositions
that are featured on his YouTube videos…

David’s studio demos
David presents a selection of his original music compositions…
David Cakes retail store
David is invited to attend Corporate cake decorarting conventions around the world…
2013 – Due to his UK teaching and corporate consultancy business commitments, David decided it was time to close David Cakes retail shop and focus on his teaching. David still offers an exclusive wedding cake designer service for clients wanting an exclusive bespoke wedding cake with a non disclosure agreement
and confidentiality assured.
“I felt I could not give 100% energy to teaching if I still was involved with retail. Retail has been a wonderful experience and I have learnt so much along the way. An era has ended but I am excited to be venturing onto a new path at this part of my career. It is a great honour to be teaching cake decorating. I love every magical moment!” exclaims David.

Kelmy David Cakes promotion


In early 2014 International bakery and cake decorating manufacturer Kelmy approached David and invited him to their factory located in Xixona, Spain
to assist in the development of their new Royal icing product.

During the visit David and assistant Edward were invited by Kelmy as their International guests to attend a cake show in Spain where new Kelmy Royal Icing showcased for the very first time!…

“Being ‘out there’ in the crowds was a new experience for me, initially I felt a little nervous as I was a out of my comfort zone” recalls David “But it was a magical experience and I really found myself absorbed into the moment, meeting so many new faces”

David had discovered another way to channel his creative energy while embracing his passion for cake decorating.
Kelmy Director Jamie López Bernabeu has since invited David and business partner Edward to become ambassadors of Kelmy products.

Creating in Italy with Kelmy
David and students enjoy creating with
Kelmy Royal Icing during a Masterclass in Italy

Creating around the world with Kelmy
David is invited by Kelmy as their International guest
to attend many International cake shows…


International Corporations invite David to Asia as guest of honour at a Charity Gala, the Grand Opening of a
Bakery Store, a live cake decorating competition and a Lavish Wedding Event…

In 2015 International Corporation Complete Deelite and Kino Events in association with Shangri-La Hotel Group, Kelmy and Royal Brunei Airlines invited David to Asia as their International guest to attend corporate cake decorating conventions 
A VIP Charity Gala event took place in Kuching, Sarawak in East Malaysia on the island of Borneo where David was guest of honour at a Benefit Gala Dinner organised by Kino Events.
Taking place at the Borneo Convention Center Kuching, the event was held to raise awareness on helping and assisting elderly age care.
As well as being guest of honour at the Benefit Gala Dinner, David was invited to perform his original music live, playing the piano while accompanied by a live band and flutist. As the band continued with the musical journey, David stepped away from the piano and proceeded to paint to the live music, bringing to life the art of his Royal Icing.David’s Royal Icing floral painting inspired by the beauty of tropical forests of Santubong in Kuching, Malaysia was auctioned, raising £500 for the charity cause supported by many professors of medicine in Asia.
The evening concluded as David presented guests with a giant edible cake tower display stand topped with a free hand Royal Icing string work crown surrounded by crown topped cup cakes.
live cake decorating competition
A few days later Kino Events hosted the first ever live cake decorating competition in Kuching, taking place at a luxurious shopping mall where David was invited to be the guest head judge along side guest judges Edward Windsor and Agnes Chin.The Flora and Fauna of Borneo’ theme challenged and excited competitors creativity as they embraced culture, wildlife and nature during the live event.
Open to all with no restrictions on skill level, this event gave cake decorators the opportunity to showcase their talents as well as evolve to a new creative level through the challenge and competitive experience.
The following day David was invited to officially open ‘Bakers Talk’ 6th working bakery and retail store located in Kuching.During the grand opening event, which was also attended by staff and the media, David personally signed in Royal icing a commemorative plaque to mark the occasion which he presented to the bakery.The event was attended by news, media and staff from the bakery chain. Guests were presented with a delicious buffet of savoury and sweet Malaysian treats.
One week later…
Royal Brunei Airlines flew David to Hong Kong as the luxurious 6 star Futian Shangri-La Hotel in Shenzhen China had sent him an invitation
to attend as a guest of honour at their lavish wedding show event.
During the visit David was invited to meet Hotel Executive Chefs. 
The following day David was invited to an exclusive afternoon tea party hosted by Futian Shangri-La Hotel in association with Complete Deelite, Kelmy and Royal Brunei Airlines.
During the Afternoon Tea Party event David was requested to entertain guests with a creative mix of free hand piping and his original music which he played live on a Grand Piano.
The Hotel challenged David to decorate a crystal rose filled vase with complex inter-connecting Royal Icing string work, piped live in front of the invited guests.
00 (1)
The next day David was invited to attend the Futian Shangri-La Hotel lavish wedding show event where he performed his original music on stage and talked about Royal Icing, celebrating it’s 175 year heritage while sharing the experiences he had creating Royal Wedding Cakes and meeting members of the British Royal Family.
Complete Deelite presented The Futian Shangri-La Hotel with a luxurious 8 tier wedding cake that had been designed by David and Complete Deelite to honour and celebrate the extravagant bridal event.
Adorned with over 500 individually made sugar flowers, the revolving wedding cake creation was decorated with layers and layers of free hand Royal Icing embellished with detailed string work accents.
David enjoyed celebrating at the event with Futian Shangri-La Hotel Management, Complete Deelite Executive Director and Royal Brunei Airlines Executive Marketing Team.


Executives at International Corporations invite David to Asia to give a speech about the history and cultural heritage of Royal Icing…
At the end of 2015, David was requested by HKIBE Chief Executives to talk to an invited audience about the history of Royal Icing
during the 175 year of Royal Icing celebrations (1840-2015)
David welcomed on stage and interviewed International cake artists Kathleen Lange from USA and Kristina Rado from Hungary.
Together they embraced the celebrations during the formal presentation.
David was also invited by Complete Deelite and Kelmy to attend the Sweet Arts Show event also taking place at HKIBE. During the visit David was interviewed by TV and Media. He was also interviewed and featured on the latest Sweet Arts Show and Hong Kong International Bakery Expo (HKIBE) promotional videos.

Complete Deelite Sweet Arts Show
Featuring David and International Friends
celebrating the 175th year of Royal Icing

Hong Kong International Bakery Expo
featuring an interview with David…


davids cake craft dcc
David teams up with dear friend and business associate of 25 years
to embark on an exciting new venture…
At the start of 2016 David talked with Kelmy Director Jamie López Bernabeu about the idea of David Cakes distributing Kelmy products in the UK.
In the meantime David had met up with long time friend and business associate Julie Maddocks who runs a graphic design company and also three printing companies based in Liverpool UK, specialising also in UK and International distribution.
Julie’s business story runs parallel to David’s, as she too started off from very humble beginnings working very hard to now own 4 very successful companies.
davids cake craft team
“I have always said to Julie that one day we would do something really big together. It was one of those magic moments… we started talking about Kelmy along with my dream to expand the cake decorating training aspect of David Cakes and everything that had to be done to make the vision a reality became so clear.” smiles David. “I knew at that moment that Julie, myself and Ed could do this together. It was going to be real hard work and we knew we had a long and challenging journey ahead of us. Working hard is what we do. As we all have always done, we followed our hearts and took that leap of faith and made a commitment to each other with joy as we embraced together a new exciting business venture !”
David arranged for a Skype with the Kelmy family and introduced them to Julie. The outcome of the meeting was that the soon to be launched new online store ‘David’s Cake Craft’ was awarded the exclusive rights for importing Kelmy products into the UK.
” I speak for us all when I say we feel so honoured that Kelmy have given this opportunity.” smiles David. I have been working with a group of the most amazing people and together we have created David’s Cake Craft, a new e-commerce website which now presents all the newly launched David Cakes Liverpool UK classes and also has a new online store stocking to begin with, our favourite – Kelmy Royal Icing and Kelmy fondant and very soon much more!” exclaims David. “Through meeting and working so closely with the David’s Cake Craft team members, Julie and Ed along with web designer Keith Patterson, Director of ‘Tornado’ Liverpool, we have been introduced into a brand new creative digital world which means David Cakes can be taken to a brand new level, with a fresh new look to bring our services together.”


David concludes “I really feel so blessed by all that is happening in my life. It is a great honour to be travelling around the world embracing so many different cultures and I feel I am evolving more and more each day. I am very grounded and stay focused. I have learnt it is impossible to map out my life plan, so I just let everything happen as and when it is meant and most of all enjoy each day and live the dream!.”

“Starting a business from home over 35 years ago and still being in business brings many deep emotions into my heart.”

The journey so far

I am so honoured to have been given the support by my Mum and Dad to follow my dreams. I will always love them as I do all my family and friends
who have stood by me. ”

“I would also like salute all my teachers at school and college and the businesses and corporations that I have had the pleasure of working alongside
during my 35 year creative cake decorating journey…

I thank you all so much,

With sincere best wishes from David 😀




David ‘Cakes’ MacCarfrae is a judge on International Cake Decorating reality TV series
CAKE WALK: Wedding Cake Edition
CAKE WALK with David Cakes MacCarfraeWatch episode highlights HERE


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